Baron L. Miller - Attorney at Law

Baron L. Miller






Baron Miller is a sole practitioner with a general civil law practice focusing on estate planning and administration.  He has additional expertise planning and administering estates for persons with disabled family members.


Areas of Practice


After-death planning requires thoughtfulness and precision, and an awareness of how to minimize taxes and costs.

PowerS of attorney & medical directives

Designate agents to handle matters if you were to become incapacitated, and give the agents detailed directions, avoiding costly and intrusive court-administered conservatorships.


When it is necessary to legally empower a minor’s custodian, the court proceedings are complex, and require an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Estate & Trust administration

An appropriately drawn estate plan reduces the work needed to administer a decedent’s estate, and an accessible and experienced attorney directing and advising the administration can simplify it and make it easier to administer. 


special needs trusts

Protect and preserve assets set aside for a loved one who lacks the ability to handle her own finances, or who would lose crucial public benefits if given control of these assets. 

partnership & joint venture agreements

Whether for a domestic venture or a business investment, an agreement in writing can make everything run smoother.


If it is necessary to have a court appoint an agent to make decisions for an incapacitated person, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is needed to handle the complex legal proceedings. 

prenuptial agreements

Clearly defining rights and obligations between spouses tends to promote an ongoing relationship by eliminating unreasonable expectations and preventing conflicts from arising, and it will make any future parting less stressful. 




All work is performed pursuant to an agreed-upon fee arrangement, either hourly, flat, or contingent. No case is turned down due to a client’s inability to pay standard fees. No fee is ever charged for responding to questions about the legal effect of making supplemental payments to persons receiving public benefits.